Bren O' Callaghan

Bren divides time between his role as Senior Producer, Visual Art at HOME, Manchester’s international centre for contemporary art, film and theatre, and pursuing an independent cross-disciplinary practice. Exploring collaboration, creative compulsion, the championing of outsider enthusiasm and a sense of playful intervention - magic is real, don’t let them tell you otherwise - projects range from the popular almost-instant portrait booth, Sketch-O-Matic; scent imbued Scratch ‘n Sniff Cinema series; walk-in Mexicana diorama Nicho Nativity and the BFI-commissioned binaural adaptation of Carnival of Souls (starring Baby Dee). An emerging curator, exhibitions include major shows by Rachel Maclean, Magda Archer, AL and AL and Maurice Vellekoop. Current projects include queer auteur Bruce LaBruce’s first UK solo exhibition, a touring programme of video art by women artists in China for the Plus Tate network and wilfully naive plans to build a full-sized carousel inspired by the retro sweet shop in which he grew up.
Tablets have been offered, but declined.