Evie O’Connor

Evie O’Connor (b. 1993, Derbyshire) graduated from London College of Fashion in 2015 with a BA in Fashion Textiles and recently completed her Masters in Painting at Glasgow School of Art.

O’Connor’s textiles background has heavily informed the stylistic and decorative qualities within her work. She imagines both a beautiful and droll environment, explored through familiar domestic environments and figures.

Her practice focuses on themes of isolation, class and identity with portraiture at the forefront of her painting. Her domestic installations are romantic and nostalgic, an immersive space to house the portraits. For her, the study of people is an important and highly precious form of documentation, while also providing the space with a physical presence.

The vast and empty landscapes are derived from direct experiences of the rural countryside she grew up in and her interpretation of familiarity, whilst exoticising and abstracting her environment. Her love of folk art can be seen in the collection of objects used as surface for the paint. The objects are adorned with scenes and symbols in bold, evocative colours, creating specific decorative objects usually found in the home.