Katie Mcguire

I am an artist/sculptor working in fibre/textiles. I experiment with the traditional techniques of weaving, crocheting and knitting. I explore traditional handmade techniques – weaving, crochet, and knitting – but contrast traditional fibre/yarns/thread with a contemporary material:  Polycord.   Polycord is a building/construction material – an extruded cord used as a backing rod for filling gaps/insulation in the construction industry.

Polycord is not a traditional material for creating sculptures involving techniques of traditional handicraft. It is industrially created which juxtaposes a digital production process with a hand crafted one. I create sculptures by hand not only to embrace traditional techniques, but to add an element of personal character in the work. Each individual sculpture experiments with the element of interior and exterior, bringing a material usually hidden from view into an exterior presentation. 

I play with an element of femininity within the process of creating. Polycord is codified as male, a material used in the construction industry stereotyped as a masculine occupation. Opposed to this, I create work using handicraft techniques, firmly stereotyped to codified as feminine. Therefore, I use the male and female together allowing the blurring of stereotypes towards gender within the workplace.

I choose to experiment with shape, texture and form. The works which I create are rather organically formed and interestingly malleable, allowing me to work physically with the material to create my desired form of sculpture.

I have exhibited recently at AIR Gallery, Altrincham, receiving a highly commended award, UKYA, Nottingham, and Afforable Art Fest, Museum of Goa.