Olivia Glasser

Olivia Glasser is an artist, researcher, educator and sauna enthusiast. 

Olivia completed an MA in Higher Education at MMU earlier this year, focusing on educational spaces of democratic plurality and difference. She presented her research at the Nordic Summer University in Saulkrasti (LV) in 2017 and Faeroe (SE) in 2018. Since graduating, she has focused on the ‘worldly’ democratic properties of saunas, as spaces for collective physical and psychological rejuvenation.

This year Olivia was awarded a place on Castlefield Gallery and a-n’s International Artist Delegation to Budapest, investigating bathing culture in the context of recent political shifts in Hungary. Through July she was in residence at Islington Mill as Maitre d’Sauna of Éncore Room, a wood-fired mobile sauna in a converted horse trailer.