Richard Hughes

I am interested in the idea of the ‘anti romantic,’ and how history seems so more interesting, idealized, romantic and captivating than the present, and for me, the future.

I explore the idea of time, particularly in relation to memory, I am interested in our emotional relationship with memory within the new, modern and digital age. I use dark humor within my work, analyzing the coping mechanisms we manifest in order to deal with the uncertainty of our futures within the volatile world.

In constant battle with language, I explore how language is translated from concept, into the materiality of the work and then out again. I constantly toy with ideas of representation, incorporating both abstract and literal forms within my practice, this is very interesting to me. Art is an exploration, a discovery of my beliefs and predictions for the future.

I question, through both concept and material the state of self at any given time. The ever changing explorations, tastes and outcomes are developed through continued engagement, they describe my vulnerability to outside influences such as media, politics and personalrelationships.

“There’s both melancholy and humor in Richard Hughes’s work which explores (and sometimes unravels) the idea of sculpture as memorial. His work is physically engaging but intellectually subtle and quietly questioning too.”  [Tim Marlow: Head of Artistic Programs and Exhibitions at The Royal Academy.]