Robin Megannity

For Robin Megannity painting is the practical guide in a shifting field of references. An enabler in a process where convictions, doubts, pleasures and distractions can expand, adapt or collapse.

Robin's work often takes a relationship with objects as its theme. Objects are presented as products, museum artifacts, sculptures or as props in ambiguous scenarios. Whilst a unified narrative is knowingly obscured motifs are underscored by compounded and entangled references, quotations and visual cues. The objects are used as proxy devices for an investigation into contemporary anxieties and societal and art historical dogmas.
The latest development in Robin's practice is with the use of 3D modelling software to develop or modify digital models for use as reference images. This provides the opportunity to engage with digital culture as well as the slick and commercialised procedures commonly associated with advertising, gaming and high budget film. Virtual objects and scenarios are translated throughpainting and the slickness is muddied and confused by the failures, hesitations and affectations of the process.