Bridget Coderc

I work with lens-based media. I have recently developed a strong interest in performance video art and projections. Through my work I anticipate to question the themes of emotional experiences, memory and the body. I combine mediums like photography, video, performance. Contextually I am interested in the themes of mundane and the everyday. Usually my ideas come from personal experiences or from psychological theories like the unconscious.

Recently I produced a piece Static Retrospective. After being influenced and inspired by the theories of Donald Winnicott’s transitional object, my project ventures into the themes of change and trauma that have been triggered by a fragment of memories from my childhood. The cross between the two formats of footage give transparency into the development of the self. The archived videos of memories that were captured in the late 1990s in the background with the added current layer made within a studio space of me mimicking it puts together implicit visualisation of my struggle with expression through dance.

As according to many psychoanalysts, the mind is distorted by emotions and instincts. This video performance piece highlights the struggle of consciously trying to be congruent with one’s emotions.