Claire Tindale

With an interdisciplinary practice Claire Tindale uses media most appropriate to the ideas being explored and communicated. Work frequently involves investigations into the mind and the human condition, ranging from an observation of the idiosyncrasies of the English language to explorations of psychological or neurological disorders such as obsessive behaviour or dementia.

A key motivation within her practice is a desire to create work which communicates with an audience, or that provokes dialogue, the aim being to promote understanding and empathy around a particular subject, or theme.

The miniature as a conceptual framework has become a focus of Claire’s current practice, the meaning of which has evolved over a series of projects. Recent work has used miniatures to investigate our relationship with our surroundings and identity.

Often site-responsive, variations in scale are used to explore physical and psychological spaces in connection with aspects of the human condition, and associated vulnerabilities that can entail. Resultant pieces are, at times, playful, while at others can be emotive or thought provoking.

Filtering Through is an installation, which was created for the exhibition Health Records at CFCCA in Manchester. The work is a response to the experience of delivering workshops on the Renal Unit at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and uses analogy together with variations in scale to explore the medical processes of dialysis and the impact on the individual receiving treatment.

Tindale has exhibited widely; recent exhibitions include Drawing for Sculpture, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe; Miniature Worlds, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester; Health Records, CFCCA, Manchester.