Richard Shields

'Richard has demonstrated an ability to plan successfully, carry out and interpret Art and Design investigations, in a personal way, showing confidence and imagination. He has proved capable of independent research and realisation and discriminating in his use of research material.'

Taken from the artists National Record of Achievement, 1997.

The practice of responding to a location as a brief has permeated Shields' studio work. Personal situations can become narratives where research into the history, etymology, and wider cultural contexts is presented through the use of painting, drawing, sculpture, performance and intervention. Often driven by found objects and ephemera associated with the subjects at hand the undertaken projects serve as residencies in the artists own life.  Previous investigations have seen Shields explore his experience of cataracts, the relationship between art and banking from the Renaissance to the point of his own student debt and attempts to subvert artistic procrastination.  Shields is currently exploring the legacy of the Industrial Mill as an artists place of labor and its demise in the face of post industrial economic growth.