Division of Labour joins Paradise Works


Division of Labour (Worcester, London) relocate to Paradise Works as part of a 20 month research project into co-operatives and mutualism. Launching with their inaugural exhibition Apparel, this off-site project responds to questions posed by the artist Stuart Whipps challenging the gallery's modus operandi: Could a not-for-profit gallery for represented artists work as a collectivised mutual or co-operative group? What mechanisms and structures could be employed to create a working gallery where a fair distribution of profit from sales can exist?

Between 2018-19 Division of Labour will enact six exhibitions looking at clothes, food, healthcare, housing, transport and banking. Division of Labour founder Nathaniel Pitt will invite co-operatives and similar organisations to talk about and share their experiences as part of this programme. Nathaniel is curator to The Manchester Contemporary and founder of Pitt Projects.

Find out more about Apparel here.